Virtual Reality



A professional software which allows everyone to design and decorate any imaginable space. Quick and easy to use with a very sharp and high quality outcome.

Project overview

Ikonospace Pro is a missing link between the creative individuals or art world professionals and the public. Create beautiful spaces and fill them with digital and real-life art pieces to enchant an audience all over the world. Weather you’re a museum Director, an Art dealer or a property owner you will be easily engaged in this new model of showcasing. The space, the interior, the art and it’s arrangement, all to your choosing.
Personalize it all with your own photos transformed to 3D images ready to use in your own virtual space.

Key Features

  • Design a new virtual museum or art gallery with the construction of exhibition rooms.
  • Arrange a virtual art gallery.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich base of decorative, photorealistic materials to be applied to the walls of your exhibition rooms.
  • Hang personal pieces of art by importing User images.
  • Adjust the look of the picture frames.
  • Manage lighting and interior of the rooms.
  • Take and manage screenshots.

The Knights have worked on

  • Dynamic generation of wall grids and floors of the rooms being built.
  • Performance optimization of the mechanics of painting walls and floors, dynamic sharing of materials.
  • Photorealistic post-processes of the camera image.
  • NCS color palette.
  • Integration of the automatic software update system - patch kit.

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