Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence

Contra Costa County

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Contra Costa County Human Trafficking Poster Campaign

Human Trafficking is Real Campaign

In Winter of 2016 Contra Costa County’s Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative and the District Attorney’s Office launched a two-pronged human trafficking poster campaign aimed at raising awareness about human trafficking county wide. The “Human Trafficking is Real” poster was initiated again this year targeting high traffic commute areas. Posters were strategically placed at BART stations, on bus lines and on billboards near busy freeways. Learn more about the “Human Trafficking is Real” campaign by clicking here.

SB1193 Campaign

Contra Costa County SB1193 posters were launched shortly after, in the Spring of 2016, targeting both commute systems (BART/bus) and business owners. SB1193 was approved by the California Governor in September 2012 and requires specified businesses, and other establishments, to post a notice that contains information related to slavery and human trafficking, including information related to specified nonprofit organizations that provide services in support of the elimination of slavery and human trafficking. Further information about the SB1193 posters can be found by clicking here.