Schalins Ring Tailor


Schalins Ring Tailor


Working on application development for Scandinavian jewelry producer - Schalins Ring Tailor.

Schalins Ringar is a Swedish producer of high-quality jewelry, specialized in making rings. The company was founded in 1944 and today it is one​ of the largest Scandinavian rings manufacturers. The great success of Schalins Ringar is based on a unique strategy which is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

While working for the Scandinavian client, the Knights had an opportunity to help with Schalins Ring Tailor app development. Ring Tailor is a sales tool supporting the work of Schalin sellers. This app contains mainly two parts, RingTailor-Shop, and RingTailor-3D. Shop mode helps booth sellers and customers to browse all assortment with clear pictures and detail information. Ring Tailor-3D is used for designing one's own ring by changing the shapes and colors of rings, adding different kinds of gems and personalizing the style of jewelry. Mechanism of the application is able to generate for the clients the right ring cost by taking into account all of the factors listed.

The main responsibility of Knights was adding clue functions to the Ring Tailor app, which means rebuilding the entire system of rings generation. This new system is based on a mathematical algorithm, which allows to define real size and height of the rings. New functionalities include attaching different, new shapes of rings, new colors, and gems.


● Supporting the app development
● Rebuilding ring generation system
● Adding new features

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